Smiling-X Corp(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.0.9) Download

Smiling-X Corp(APK v1.0) Download

Smiling-X Corp(APK v1.7.0)

In Vector 2 MOD APK, various items are introduced to everyone. In the first version of the, you did not see the items and equipment. From this version, you can see the life-saving items for complete the levels. Those items are beneficial and upgradable. For example, many items are available like magnet suck, Adrenaline, ultimate chip detector, and more. Magnet manipulator item has been sucking all items in the three-meter distance. Every item has work is limited distance only. Adrenaline items help to receive an extra 40 bonus from received the tokens. Ultimate chip detector item very helpful to find the chip from the laboratory. Up to 25% give an extra chance to detect the chips..

GAME NAME Smiling-X Corp

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Try to remember the colors previously(MOD APK (Unlocked Full Version ) v1.0.1):

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